“JD Gilmour has been our most valuable resource in selection, administration and evaluation of our benefit packages. ”

– Tina Carey
– MiyachiUnitek Corporation


Most top-performing employers recognize that maintaining a healthy workforce is not only critical in controlling their health care costs, but also has a major impact on the performance, productivity, and well-being of their employees. Organizations that pursue best-practice employee health management through wellness, disease management, and other health-promoting programs have seen substantial returns on investment (ROI), as well as enhanced employee morale and satisfaction.

J.D Gilmour & Co. offers best-in-class third-party preferred vendors for employee wellness and disease management programming including

  • Conducting needs assessment through focus groups, surveys, claims analysis, health risk assessment, biometric screenings, and other assessment tools
  • Performing an audit of an organization’s current resources, such as internal services and the services available through their health plan carriers (including buy-up options) – and helping to coordinate and maximize utilization of those existing resources
  • Developing a program blueprint to guide the organization’s health management initiatives
  • Identifying effective engagement and communications strategies to assure optimal participation in the programs
  • Promoting the wellness culture throughout the organization
  • Determining effective incentives to boost participation (e.g., lower premium contribution, rewards account, etc.)
  • Conducting program evaluation by identifying and tracking appropriate metrics and assessing program effectiveness

Successful Wellness Programs have been proven to reduce healthcare costs, improve productivity, and aid in employee recruitment and retention.

J.D. Gilmour & Co., works with experts in various fields to provide employers with customized wellness programs for their employees.

We help you define your expectations and determine goals and objectives. We then assist with benchmarking, educating and communicating with employees, implementation of each program, claims analysis and
tracking success.

We closely monitor each program and provide you with both financial and health status reports at defined intervals. Our focus is changing unhealthy behavior, reducing health risk factors and managing illness.
With the help of experts in each area, we have the tools you and your employees need to be healthier and happier, and to achieve a return on investment of every healthcare dollar.

Our team also understands the complexity of implementing the best programs within the guidelines of HIPAA, ERISA, ADA and other regulatory agencies. Effective wellness programs can reduce and prevent the onset of chronic diseases and reduce the costs associated with each case.