Our Process

J.D. Gilmour & Co. Benefits Process

    Employer Analysis

  1. Evaluate current benefits package
  2. Determine HR technology needs
  3. Regulatory and Compliance Assessment
  4. Employee Benefits Survey
    Strategic Design

  1. Understand corporate philosophy and objectives
  2. Gather benchmarking data
  3. Map employee contributions
  4. Develop plan options
    Plan Execution

  1. Market and gather competitive rates
  2. Negotiate with insurers
  3. Present results and determine insurance plans
  4. Employee Communication
    Benefits Management

  1. Review open enrollment
  2. Continual HR support
  3. Develop employer specific benefits site
  4. Ongoing commitment to service
    Program Assessment

  1. Monitor financial results of plans
  2. Discuss expectations and outcomes
  3. Forecast future costs and market trends
  4. Determine next year’s timeline